Our Services

General Contracting

Trailers, Fuel tank Manufacturing, Acoustic Treatment, Louvers / dumpers (Fixed & Motorized).


Installation work (ventilation, exhaust, fuel system, cabling, earthing), Synchronization, totalization panels

Power Rental

Diesel generator sets (all brands) with competitive prices (Supply & Installation).

General Contracting

Power vision Contracting Company offers a wide range of services to its clients, which include, but not limited to. Project Construction Management, General Contracting, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), international procurement, logistics, and operation & maintenance. The above mentioned services are available over the following project types


-Residential & commercial complexes

-Different -scale housing projects

-Hospitals & medical complexes

-Infrastructure developments & utilities

-Roads, tunnels & bridges

-Power generation & transmission

-Industrial installations

-Operation & maintenance

Electro Mechanical

Power Vision (PV) mechanical design department is proud of developing well-proven designs for weatherproof/soundproof canopies/containers. Computer Aided Design programs for weatherproof containers, developed by PV engineers to reach the optimum design. According to the customer requests PV Design department can feed input data to the design system and obtain the expected performance of the required canopy/container

-Standard Sound Proof Canopy

-Enclosures / Walk-in Type

-Canopy / Close-Fit Type

-ISO Container 20X

-Super Silent Canopy

-Customized Canopies

-Mobile Canopy On Trailer

-Telecommunication & Data Center Canopy/Container

-HHP Gensets canopy Drop Down type

-SEC Emergency Mobile Gensets

-Remote Radiator Power Box

-On roof Radiator Gensets

-GenSets Power House Walls Insulation

-Canopy Assembly At Special Sites

-Generator sets installation work (ventilation / exhaust / fuel system / cabling / earthing).

-Synchronization / totalization panels

-Supply of fuel tanks (above/underground) all sizes with required specs

-Acoustic treatment (soundproof enclosures / sound attenuators / room isolation).

-Diesel Fuel pump all types / brands as per project / customer request

-Fuel transfer system (floating switch / level switches / leak detectors / flame arrestor / filling cabinet / fuel piping and control modules etc.).

-Louvers / dumpers (Fixed & Motorized).

-Generator sets Annual routine maintenance contract @ best rate

Power Rental

Power Vision provides on-site expert system commissioning and in-depth power system services for a wide variety of projects and applications, including:

  • High rise developments
  • Multi-tenant offices
  • Medical facilities
  • Real estate
  • Data centers
  • Municipal property
  • Mining
  • Industrial

Power Vision thoroughly understands pre-construction and site management. We proudly deliver on our commitments and work hard to provide comprehensive project management throughout the life of the job.


  • Quick response and reliable service 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Optimum up-time & continues operations.
  • Comprehensive, turnkey assistance.
  • Assistance with sizing.
  • Assistance with applications.
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance programs
  • Remote-site monitoring & support programs.
  • Qualified & well-equipment field-service teams.

-Power generators ranging in size from 50kVA to 1,400kVA, sound attenuated and featuring latest technology in silencing and emissions

-Reliable power generation solutions for multiple MW projects

-Low & Medium voltage, and custom-built solutions

-Main grid Auto-Synch capabilities

-All accessory equipment including transformers, cables, cable ramps, MTS, ATS

-Rental fuel tanks for continuity

-Light Towers

-Fueling services

-Hardwire lug connections

-Self-contained systems and controllers

-Individual breaker units

-Efficient, diesel-fueled engines for superior fuel economy

-On-going maintenance

-Generators equipped with GPS locators.

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